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Grazy West Coast Swing Festival, Austria



West Coast Swing (WCS) is a fun, social partner dance from California that is quickly gaining popularity around the world.


Characterised by it's linear smooth style we dance to a wide range of music from Pop, RnB and Hip Hop, to Blues, jazz and contemporary music. With it's roots in Lindy Hop, WCS follows a similar timing structure, but it has now evolved into a smooth slotted dance that is social, fun and highly regarded for it's creativity and musicality.


Quite frankly this is one of the most beautiful and fun Social Dances and we love it!


Dancing is a great way of keeping fit, meeting people and having fun. The best part is that you really don't even need to bring a partner, all classes are rotated so you get to meet and dance with everyone.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in! The majority of the time dancers are in jeans/trousers and casual tops.


Footwear wise we would recommend something that is comfortable with a low heel. Once you've been dancing a while you may want to find something with either a leather or suede sole to help.

Oh, also don't forget dancing is a physical activity, maybe not as energetic as heading to the gym but many people still like to bring a towel, deodorant and a spare top, especially in the summer.


One of the best aspects about this dance is the community behind it.

At Evolve we like to think it's about so much more than learning to dance. It is a great place to meet new people, spend time with friends and have fun. We will also set up various apres-dance shenanigans whether it's simply heading to a local pub after the class together or all going for a day out somewhere.


Kevin and Aggie are known for their fun, engaging classes, strong focus on technique and unique approach to teaching. They both compete in the All Star Division and regularly judge, teach and perform at International Events within Europe and the U.S.


Kevin also DJ's events and freestyles under the mysterious alias DJ K Dawg, because he's so gangsta ;)

Want to know more just click on the link to our web site:

D-Town Swing, Germany

Grazy West Coast Swing Festival, Austria

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