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Scotland Westie Fest, UK

Social Dances

West Coast Swing is all about the social, so we also run freestyles on a regular basis where you can just come along, dance and have fun!

We also appreciate that music is fundamental in having a good night out so we'll regularly bring the best established DJ's to play the most up to date music on the international West Coast Swing scene.


Workshops are one of the best ways to improve your dancing!

We run a regular series of specific workshops where we can spend more time, delve into more detail and provide more personal feedback than on a weekly class night. Typical workshops would be:

Level 1: Beginners Learn to dance in a day

Level 2: Footwork, 3D Dancing, Body movement etc.

Level 3: Musicality, Competition and performance, Dynamics, Blues WCS, Dips and Tricks etc.

Workshops and Social Dances
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